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Project Description

Chicago Urban Photography is one of our passions as a professional Chicago photographer. We specialize in concert and advertising photography, event photography, weddings and more! We enjoy exploring Chicago and when it comes to urban photography in Chicago, we go to the most bizarre and interesting places.

Urban Photography Captures Real Life Photos

We have photographed some of the coolest urban settings around the country! Some of our urban photography photos are from New York, in and around Chicago and many other places that we thought was interesting. When we snap a photo of an abandoned building, graffiti written walls or any other type of eroded structure, we can’t wait to go into post editing to see what we can create from that single image we took!

The scarier the better! If a place has been abandoned for many years, natural growth tends to take back and grow over vacant structures giving our images more eye appeal when we take a photo. The most important thing to do when exploring vacant and abandoned structures is to get permission and always go with other people. If you can not go with other people, let others know of your location in case something should go wrong.


We plan on getting together a group of explorers and photographers to go on a venture of an abandoned structure around the Chicago area. If you are interested in joining us, please use the form on our contact page HERE and let us know if you would like to participate in this adventure.

Please check out some of the urban photography images we took! Anybody can take a picture, we create art to stimulate your visual senses and make you look at the image twice!



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